Choosing taps for your 500mm basin vanity unit

500mm basin vanity units

When you redesign your bathroom you prefer first and foremost to concentrate on the big things: how to have a shower framework you love; how to determine between an opened and fitted bathroom, how functional, comfortable, and stylish flooring balance is. It seems pretty easy to pick your taps, but it may be more difficult than you thought. For example, a thermostatic mixer tap for a 500mm basin vanity unit would have equally different attributes as compared to the mono basin tap for traditional vanity units. So be cautious and alert.

What can be the ideal road map?

For a long time, the bathroom has been regarded as being the outdated room of the building, in architecture and design. The usability and functionality have gone beyond style and elegance, but the bathroom is no longer a room left behind because the interior design is common in the 21st century. Now it has become one of the key centres for modern design ideas. To be more specific and easier to understand, let us start the analyses by keeping 500mm basin vanity unit in the mind. It will help for coming up with concrete results.

Style is first up.

What taps would you like to use? Before you purchase your vanity unit and bowl, this is worth considering because these three items are so closely related. For example, you only leave with one way if you purchase a washstand and a vessel basin; namely deck-mounted taps. If you want tap pairs placed on the basin for a traditional look, this is what you will need to remember early in your selection of the basin. Looking at taps next to basins and vanity units to get an idea of the types you prefer is an excellent way to start your bathroom design project.

The design is second.

This is less important for your other purchases. Unless you have very specific ideas about the exact tap style you wish (for example, whether you like the Cross-head tap style of the Victorian one, or you love the calming sight of the waterfall). However, you may want to fit your basin and bath taps and sync your shower mixer, so that you get a synchronized look in your bathroom. In this scenario, it will be vital to think about your favourite tap style in combination with the navigation of the bathing tub, showers, and baths.

Ergonomic design is an important point to choose when using a tap-especially if your family involves small children or seniors with difficulties in moving hands. You and your family can use this design feature for few times a day. Hence, it must feel relaxed. An impractical tap that splashes water through your bathroom every time you wash your hands will irritate you fast. Check the taps that you see in your showrooms and make sure your shortlist is packed with taps that are both easy to use and lovely to look at.

Size is third.

Finally consider your toilet, washbasin, and the vanity unit’s overall size and appearance. If you have a small bathroom start arranging all the products in accordance with the 500mm basin vanity unit. No matter how good your favourite tap looks on its own, make sure it is not too large or not too small or just the opposite way it looks. Your tap should not surround your tank or crush you with it. Likewise, your tap lines should be mirrored in the aesthetic choices you have taken elsewhere in your toilet, whether the smooth straight lines or sensual curves.


If both versatility and elegance are your requirements, you can give thought to a stylish and useful vanity bathroom unit and you’d be right to think there would be one that matches your budget with the various designs, prices, and styles available on the market today.

The Royal bathrooms in the UK have plenty of options in terms of traditional and contemporary style of bathroom taps, basin, and vanity units. For example, if you would ask them for a 500mm basin vanity unit for your bathroom, they will suggest you the most suitable tap set accordingly. Moreover, bath fillers, showers, and thermostatic mixer taps are also available. Have fun!