A Highway to Future Success?

Latin American trade experts have highlighted the expansion and modernisation of road networks across Latin America as an overlooked yet crucial sector in supporting economic growth across the continent. Ensuring that land transport networks in Latin America are sufficiently modernised will require an expansion of public-private partnerships to create cost effective infrastructure programmes that will allow a much wider range of business opportunities for regional, local and international companies. Companies can do business faster, smoother and across a much wider geographical area with the appropriate resources.

The 2017 Competitiveness Report of the World Economic Forum (WEF), highlighted in the quality index of road networks, two of the region’s main economies – Argentina and Brazil – are ranked 96 and 103 out of 137 respectively. the report argued that  in order to boost themselves in the world stage, high-potential Latin American economies need to ensure that they are not so focused on rushing ahead with every new project they can see but ensuring that they have an infrastructure network set up around them to ensure longevity and thus greater protracted growth. The BN America’s report that focused on the benefit that greater development of the public-private sector relationship will have on domestic economies, further infrastructure programmes and stability in the political economy. Wide-scale regional investment in land transport networks will not only provide a strong boost to the scale and sustainability of the operations of Latin American companies, it can provide many holistic benefits in providing construction jobs on the programmes themselves, and it can help to develop the architecture of private-public sector co-operation in multiple economies.