Best Food Items to Try in Delhi

best food

Delhi is the capital of India and it has famous tourist destinations including Red Fort, Qutub Minar, India Gate, Humayun’s Tomb, Lotus Temple, Akshardham temple, etc. When you go to various places and do some activities, you feel like eating something and Delhi is one of the best locations for street food lovers. Here is a delicious account of all the dishes that you can try while being on the Delhi one day tour package. Delhi is divided into two areas. When it comes to street food, Old Delhi is more famous. There is the Chandni Chowk market with narrow lanes and delicious street food items. Similarly, there is Shahjahanabad and many other markets for toothsome food items.

Samosa and Kachori

Samosas and kachoris are all-time favourite food items of Indian people. Delhi is no exception and you can try either of these in a lot of variety on your tour. You can get the stuffing of pulses, potatoes, lentils, peas, corn, etc. These are fried dishes and are delicious to be eaten as breakfast in the morning or as high tea.


Different types of curries are available in the local markets of Delhi like potato curry, gram flour curry, curd curry, etc. These are served with kachori, and other items depending upon the specialty of that area. These are very spicy and it is sufficient to give you a new taste.


Jalebi is called a funnel cake in English and people love having it after their meals as desserts. It is fried first and then dipped in sweet syrup. It is eaten in combination with pressed rice in some states of India. It is also eaten with saffron milk during the winter season.


If you are really hungry on the tour and you want something heavy, then you must try parathas with different kinds of stuffing like potato, cauliflower, namkeens, cottage cheese, etc. These filling options are just a few, you can get 60 options of filling in Delhi.

Daulat Ki Chaat

Chaat is very commonly available in Delhi but Daulat Ki Chaat specialises itself by using creamy and condensed milk and by putting honey and Saffron on top of it. If you are fond of hygienic food, this is the ideal dish for you.


Momos originated in the Eastern part of India but it is popularly served in Delhi and other parts of India. Since Delhi has people from all over the country, you can get the opportunity to eat the best dishes of all the states of India.

Masala Chai

Most people love having coffee but if you try the masala tea of old Delhi, you will forget the taste of coffee for a while. They use a special combination of spices and herbs which is only found in India. If you visit Delhi on the golden triangle tours India during the winter season, you will need to try Masala chai because of the extreme cold over there. You will find it delicious. You can try it with biscuits or cookies if you want sweet flavor or with kachoris and samosas if you want spicy flavour.