Cryptocurrency Growth at Universities

As cryptocurrency becomes a mainstream part of life, 42% of the world’s top 50 universities are currently offering at least one course in blockchain or cryptocurrency. Despite the instability of cryptocurrencies, and its apparent niche appeal, this is a sign of the technology being accepted, and importantly viewed as legitimate in higher education. Most of the courses are in American universities, with Stamford topping the list by running 10. Only 27% of international universities run blockchain courses, suggesting either a gap in the market, or a focussed demand.

The growth of these courses is a signal of a generation developing that is fluent in ecommerce, and the creation of a knowledge pool of running blockchain. When surveyed, it was found that 9% of US students had taken blockchain or cryptocurrency course, while 26% wanted to. This can show the desire for an expansion of these courses, and that the technology of blockchain is a clear area of growth that universities can pursue. The fact that most of these courses are maths- or science-based, rather than business-based, can also show a holistic growth in the knowledge of blockchain outside of its basis as cryptocurrency, suggesting fertile ground for innovation.