Digital Marketing: An Introduction

We hear the word digital marketing. We see it all around us. We experience it. But do we really know what it is?

Digital Marketing is a term that became popular in the first few years of the 21st century, but it is much older and has been present for the past 100 years.

Who was the first digital marketer, or who started it?

It was Gugliemo Marconi. In the year 1896, he demonstrated how wireless signals could be transmitted publicly. He was the inventor of Radio. This was done in England. The Radio took around ten years to become accessible to the public, but Marconi did not take much time realizing that he could use his invention to sell things. Radio helped in selling more Opera tickets to the public, and it was terrific. Digital marketing was born. I have not talked about modern digital marketing tools.

If we do marketing using digital tools, it is called digital marketing. These means can be websites or some other digital means. In other words, marketing through electrical devices is digital marketing. Digital marketing is a hundred or more years old.

Digital marketing is of two kinds

  1. Online marketing
  2. Offline marketing

Successful marketing utilizes both online and offline marketing.

 Significance of Digital Marketing in the 21st century

Billboard advertisement does not matter much as it used to because now when people travel, they don’t look at the road. They are busy with their gadgets. Suppose you drive your family or friends somewhere. While driving only for a moment, look around, and you will see them engaged with their cell phones. According to research, around 10 percent of people use their phones while driving. Except for the driver, others in a car do not pay attention to the road. It is boring. If you have a self-driving vehicle, then you do not need to watch the road ahead. They are present but not accessible to most Americans. In future years digital marketing will be much more needed.

Since almost everyone uses the google engine and has a Facebook account, they both make a lot of money as compared to previous century marketing companies. They grab more attention. You can’t do profitable business without digital marketing.

Digital marketing agency Chicago enables youngsters to earn millions of dollars yearly.

Electric devices take most of our time now. In the USA, We spend more than 11 hours on electronic devices daily. What’s left? In the future, the digital world will take all our time.

Types of Online digital Marketing

  1. Pay-per-click advertising
  2. Search engine optimization
  3. Email marketing
  4. Social Media Marketing
  5. Affiliate marketing
  6. Content marketing
  7. Search engine marketing

Categories of Offline Marketing

  1. Cellphone marketing

Marketing by the use of cellphones is proliferating. At present, it is among the most significant ways of marketing through digital means. Though it is a successful strategy for offline marketing, it also has its failures.

  1. Television marketing

Since our childhoods, we have been watching TV ads. It’s a relatively old means for offline marketing.

  1. Radio marketing

Sometimes we happen to listen to some irritating car seller doing a car commercial energetically, remember Mr. Marconi.

  1. Offline digital marketing

¬†Marketing by using electric devices is called Offline digital marketing.¬† Some restaurants enhance their customer’s experience with the help of an electric tool. Even the 3rd world countries are using this method of marketing to do business.

For successful marketing today, one should incorporate all the tools of digital marketing. But in the future, you and I will rely only on online marketing.