DIY decoration ideas for tea glasses

What better than having your life filled with beauty and aesthetics all around? Moreover, what better than creating all the charms and aesthetics around you on your own? Nothing! Therefore, let’s sled towards decorating beautiful Moroccan tea glasses. There are so many ways you can add color to your life, and of them, one is art. Art helps you to express yourself. With this, we shall see some of the ways that you can keep your spirit high and happy during this festive season: considering your entire life to be a festival that you must enjoy every day. 

Why DIY decoration ideas for tea glasses?

We want you to know that you can use everything in your life to create art. It could be as mundane as a thread to gigantic walls and rocks. Therefore, how can we leave the tea glasses behind. Decorating your living space is said to be a sacred ritual that you often do for yourself. As we must be aware of the Moroccan tea culture, and we must also be mindful of the aesthetics that are being used during the entire tea ceremony.

Moreover, decorating your space during tea ceremony is mainly in vogue and leaves a positive impact of the hosts on the guests. The best way you can use your Moroccan tea glasses is by sipping hot piping tea or simultaneously using it as a décor for your tea party. This will make your tea party appear aligned with the theme and save you a lot. The idea of decorating your Moroccan tea glasses yourself can be amazingly executed if you happen to have enough ideas. In case you are running out, here we are by your side to keep supplying you, ideas.

How to DIY Moroccan tea glasses?

There are end number of ways that you can decorate Moroccan tea glasses. It can begin from here and keep expanding until you want it to. However, we would like to bring some of those ideas into life with your help so let’s begin:

· As a candle holder

You can use your Moroccan tea glass to keep candles in and use it as a candle holder. What you can also add to this is a lid on top and pour some oil to make it work as an oil diffuser. This oil diffuser will light up your entire mood with the right essential oil.

· Paint your Moroccan glass

Ever thought about painting your Moroccan tea glasses? It is a good idea to paint and then use it as a decorative piece. You can use stencils to draw many different designs. Using stencils will help you spray paint your glass easily, leaving a clean finish. You can also use these paint-stained glasses to keep fairy lights and light up your room.

· Stick glasses together to make an aesthetic holder.

You frequently run out of space to keep your knick-knacks, or do they always end up looking scattered and dirty all the time? Well, no more! Take more than one Moroccan tea glass and stick them together in a line or circular form to have unusual holders ready in no time. You can keep your keys and paper napkins presentably and aesthetically.


What more you can do with your Moroccan tea glasses? You can place your DIY Moroccan tea glasses along with other decorative pieces from Moroccan Prestige. You can get them and juggle for attaining an unmatchable décor for your house. Moreover, all these will make your tea party more lively and you the happiest host on this earth. Cheers!