Here’s How to Plan the Lockdown Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot

The entire world has collapsed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, it has not stopped the innovative and creative juice from flowing, particularly in the wedding industry. Even though many struggles people are facing in the past six months, they never forget to enjoy the wedding rituals. Because of the current lockdown, schedules have been scattered and leading to cancellations or delays for many pre-wedding photoshoots.

However, some of the creative photographers still fulfill the needs and expectations of the couples by conducting photoshoots in home, studio, or some of the best photoshoot location in gurgaon. Nowadays, the couple gives more importance to pre-wedding photoshoot because they want to capture memories to cherish for the lifetime. Scroll down the page to know the major tips to do a pre-wedding photoshoot during the lockdown.

  • Decide the location

In the lockdown situation, selecting the photoshoot location is highly challenging. As couples want to create long-lasting memories, it is necessary to capture images in an amazing location. If traveling to a specific location is not possible in your city, then you can opt for the pre wedding studio in Gurgaon. For safer and comfort pre-shoot, you can choose your home and create some unforgettable memories because taking pictures in the location where you are going to spend time together in the upcoming days awesome. It helps you to create some buzz in the photos.

  • Discuss with the photographer

After shortlisting the location, visit the location with the photographer and discuss together the story you have in your mind as well as angles. You can even click the few mock pictures to look at how the final cut would appear. This will render you a great idea about how your photoshoot video would seem. When you think the video or photo not up to the mark, you can make necessary changes before the shooting day.

  • Dress rehearsal

If you want to make your pre wedding video shoot in delhi awesome and memorable, then outfit you select to wear matters a lot. Thus, it is necessary to decide what you wish to wear for the shoot in advance and then rehearse. You can also get click together in those clothes and checkout whether it looks nice. You can even try on the make-up, and therefore you do not look much conscious on the final day.

  • Follow lockdown norms properly

It does not matter whether you are in the pre wedding studio in delhi or home. It is important to follow the norms of the lockdown properly. You should sanitize your hand often and keep social distancing. Do not forget to take some clicks by wearing the mask because it helps you to remember the Coronavirus outbreak in the future. Then, take pictures in the right angle that adds cuteness and romance to the video. You can also include your friends and family in the photoshoot to add more value to your story.