How to Organize Wine Collection Perfectly at Home

Wine Collection

Wine investment seem like sophisticated and profitable investment. You can have wine collection and complete set-up at home, just the right knowledge and minimum amount of funds are needed. Whether it is, party, official event, wedding, family or friend’s get together, any celebration or any type of occasion wine remains constant and important. Even though, whether it is sadness, depression or loneliness, the only one thing that boosts the mood, is wine always. Wine cellar is becoming a popular home design trend. Having collection of wine at home is a great idea, you can enjoy the right wine at your place.

Simply wine chillers, wine glasses, wine holders and shelves can give a complete wine set-up at your home. It’s really fun to have collection of wine, representation of good standard. Proper storage is most important thing in wine collection at home. Firstly, you have to do proper infrastructure in place and set the right humidity and temperature. Then you should arrange he wine collection in a way that enables easy access.

It is really challenging to list down the wine variety. Which one is latest, best and common, should be known before organizing the collection of wine. Many people think that identifying wines are too easy, they just know red and white wine. Each wine have its own color, taste and own character and identity. There are four main types of wine, white wines, red wines and sparkling wines and rose wine. Following are some more tips to organize wine collection at your home.

1- Start an inventory:

When you have a big collection, you need to list down details. Which includes, the wine name, vineyard it came from, type and vintage. Place these inventory on the top of the racks. This inventory will be easy and help in updating like what should be add or deducted. You can also categorize your wine in many ways. Some options to consider, include price, region, color, varietal and brand.

2- Tag you bottles:

Racks should be proper. Before placing the wine bottles on the racks, properly tag and label each bottle. Obviously, this will make easier for searching specific bottle. Because of this, you will no longer have to take out each bottle from the rack. The tags will make bottles visible, and it will be easier to search and locate. Moreover, to organize big wine collection at home, different color-codes tags are also available. These tags will help in better organization.

3- Vintage organization:

After listing down all your wines and tags on them. Bring all the wine bottles at one place. You have to sort all the wines by vintage. Organize your wine collection in way that makes easy to keep track of your bottles.  One important thing to mention here is, price of wine signifies how long a wine should be aged. Sore more expensive wine bottles separately to avoid opening them accidently.


Organization is wine collection is not too much difficult. Make it fun and interested. Organization of wine collection also includes collection of right wine glasses. Storage place plays vital role in organization. Keep all the long term storage wines at the bottom racks. It is really important to organize wine collection to make sure that you ma eth best and most use of collection.