How to Professionally Clean a Dirty Carpet

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To harness the art of maintaining a clean household, certain measures have to be in mind. Carpet is the base of your home décor and at times an essential part of your bedroom or lounge. In areas where the winter is a little too hard and you want your home to be more comfortable, the carpet is a must. However, carpet becomes a hard maintenance item when you don’t regularly clean it. In a household with kids or pets carpet cleaning has its eminence aloof. Thicker carpet fabrics soak in more dirt that has been brought by the foot traffic. Dirt, pathogens, debris, viruses and bacteria, in fact, all hazardous elements reside in the fabric of carpet because it’s fixed to the floor and it has a tendency to soak in. The definite cleaning requirement that the carpet has is indefinite in many ways. Like some sorts of carpets cannot be shampooed so the requirement for those carpets differs from the others in many ways. To put it to ease, there’s a technique that ensures that the carpet gets thoroughly cleaned and sanitized at the same time. You can get your carpet in three ways. Either you clean it yourself with an easy-to-use vacuum cleaner and damp mop or you use carpet cleaners, or you hire professional help that applies steam cleaning to your carpet. It also depends upon the condition of your carpet, whether its regularly cleaned or long washed. In either case, sanitization is something that is pivotal and requires expertise.

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Tips that you can follow to clean your carpet extensively

1. Simple carpet vacuum cleaning

Carpet is a thick fabric that has a tendency to let the dirt sink in its depths and dust to stick to its surface. If a damp cloth or moisture is directly applied to a dirty carpet, it would make the stains stubborn and can also make your carpet look unclean and old. So, vacuuming is the foremost step to start your cleaning with.

2.  Steam implication

To tackle a dirty carpet, vacuuming or mopping isn’t enough. A long washed carpet that has also endured several hard stains needs intensive steam cleaning. You require high action steam infusers to apply steam to the carpet. Steam causes the carpet to lose its grip on the stains and dirt that resides in the depth of your carpet. It’s hard to learn the usage of steam cleaners so it’s wise that you use the help of a carpet cleaning service.

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  1. Thorough stain removing

Here’s an irony that regular or any sort of stain removers tend to play. Like if you directly apply a stain removing agent to your carpet, it stays on the surface and makes the stain fade a little on the surface. Then, if your carpet comes in contact with any sort of moisture the stains become vibrant and come on the surface again, also are really unsafe for your home environment. However, if you apply stain removers integrated with steam it sinks in and remove the stain from its base.

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4. Spray Sanitization

Though steam clears out the ground for the germs to increase there’s always a need for extra disinfection because stains make way for bacteria to reside and multiply. So, for a little extra care implication of spray sanitizers are a must. To bring these sanitizers to the best usage mixing it with steam makes the effects stay longer and your carpet remains clean for a longer time.

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5. Scotch guard protection application

To protect your carpet from stains and dirt for a long time, and to save yourself from carpet steam cleaning annoyance scotch guard protection counts as a professional step to take. This protection sinks in and protects every fiber of your fabric from soaking dirt or germs for quite a long period. Scotch guard protection should be of good choice because regular ones aren’t safely applicable and dangerous for the skin as well.

Difference between carpet home cleaning and professional cleaning

If you clean your carpet at home there are three possible steps that you’d follow. Firstly, you’d vacuum your carpet, secondly, you’ll scrub off the stains and lastly, you’ll clean it with a damp cloth. In rare cases, some regular sanitizing agents are also involved but the efficiency of agents works with the way you apply it. To dig out time for this cleaning and investment on products can really cost you a good fortune of time and money. Even if you are able to gather all of this, still tackling everything is intricate. Whereas, professional cleaning is way more efficient in approach. With steam, you can get rid of everything that hurdles in between you and a clean carpet. Also, regular cleaning does not bring along the sanitization effect as the professional ones do. Handling steam is delicate or else you’ll end up drying a wet carpet and also coughing. There’s a certain amount that works and also with a specific amount of cleaning agents. So, professional cleaning wins the way of having a more convenient and efficient approach. Employing professional help can also help you harness a dirty carpet and clean it thoroughly without removing it.