Know About the Wiko Smart Phone in Market

4G is the newest trend and it is more because of the 4G VOLTE. Wiko has some of the best 4G mobile phones. If you are looking to get some of the best 4G phones then wiko phones are something that you should opt for. These phones have quite a high internet speed and the call quality with these phones is also exceptionally good.

If you are interested to know about some of the best wiko phones in the market, then you can certainly go through the discussion below:

  1. Wiko Ufeel

  • The storage capacity of this particular phone is 16GB. This is enough space to store photographs. This phone also has SD cards that are compatible and therefore you will be able to increase the storage capacity of this phone quite easily with this card. Though this phone does not have a lot of internal space, however, the SD card will certainly be helpful.
  • The phone has a width of 70.7 mm and a length of 143 mm. The thickness of this particular phone is 8.6mm. This phone is quite big and it is a little difficult to use this phone with a single hand.
  • The screen size of this particular phone is 5 inches but writing a very long blog on this screen is certainly not easy. The resolution of this screen is very standard and normally using this should not be a problem.
  • This phone has a 13 MP camera and therefore you can take photographs with quite a high resolution with this phone.
  • The battery capacity of this particular phone is 2500m Ah and this is quite a standard level for all the phones. This phone has a standard battery life that is quite similar to the other phones. If you are too much into gaming then the battery life for this phone might cause a bit of a problem.

This phone is basically a high-performance smartphone and you can certainly buy this phone.

  1. Wiko View 2 Go
  • This phone was released in the month of August 2018. The weight of this particular phone is about 170 grams.
  • The phone has a resolution of 720 x 1528 pixels
  • The colors that are displayed are 16M colors and the pixel density is 285ppi. This is a touch screen phone. This phone has a capacitive multi-touch phone.
  • It has a CPU of 4x 1.4 GHz ARM Cortex-A53, 4x 1.1 GHz ARM Cortex-A53, Cores: 8
  • It also has a GPU and has a Qualcomm Adreno 505, 450 Mhz.
  • The storage space for RAM of this phone is 3 GB and 800 Mhz.
  • The internal storage capacity is 32GB. There is also a memory card slot having 32 GB.
  • There are also sensors present on the phone. You will find Proximity Light Accelerometer Compass Gyroscope Fingerprint etc.
  • The software that is used here is an Android 8.1 Oreo and there is also a user interface present here.
  • There is also a rear camera along with an image and a video. Apart from this, there is also an LED flash present and a front camera present as well.
  • The Network that is used is a NANO SIM along with a micro SD present.
  • This phone has wi-fi connectivity and also a USB slot. You can also use the GPS on this particular phone.
  • With this phone, you can listen to good music because there is a headphone jack present.
  • You can charge this phone wirelessly.

In case your Wiko phone gets unlocked then you can certainly unlock wiko using the IMEI number itself. There are a number of different ways with the help of which you can check IMEI.