Mistakes to avoid while getting your caravan Insurance Ireland

Caravans are becoming very popular. Staying in a hotel is fun, but nothing beats taking your caravan around. It gives you a sense of freedom and having a home away from home. Caravan Insurance is very helpful to have if you have a caravan. Getting mobile home insurance gives you peace of mind when you take it out. Caravan insurance Ireland is a great idea when traveling around beautiful Ireland. There are several things to keep in mind when opting for caravan home insurance in Ireland. These are some mistakes that you should avoid when getting your caravan insured in Ireland.

  • Check that you are covered

It makes sense to check what the policy exactly covers and what it excludes. Often policies advertise the good stuff without giving you too many details. It will be a sorry state of affairs if you end up paying for a policy that does not cover the damage that has occurred. It is important to take good care of your caravan as well. Insurance companies are likely to offer lower premiums to people who take good care of their caravans. Further, checking your insurance policy periodically is very important as the policies are subject to change and nothing is set in stone. Policies may change without intimation and land you in a tight spot.

  1. See what your policy protects you from

It is important to figure out how you will be using your caravan before you invest in an insurance policy. Van Insurance can be of two types based on how you are using the caravan. There is static insurance cover and touring insurance cover. The static cover is right for caravans that do not move around and stay in one place. Touring caravan insurance is for caravans that move around, attached to a car. It is crucial to check what both of these policies cover and which one will be right for you. Do keep in mind that if you are going abroad with your caravan you will need a specific kind of insurance.

  1. No-claim bonus

Do check if you are eligible for a no-claim bonus. A no claim bonus is granted to customers who have not claimed insurance for repairs in a long time. These bonuses are rewards given by the insurance companies to incentivize people to take better care of their caravans and claim less often.

  1. How much excess will you have to pay?

When you make a claim for insurance, there is an amount that needs to be paid in order to go ahead with the claim. This is called an excess. There are two types: compulsory excess and voluntary excess. Keeping this excess in mind is a large part of getting the most out of your caravan insurance.

The above mistakes can be easily avoided. Doing the right research and due diligence before getting your policy will ensure that your unique needs are taken care of, based on your usage of your caravan.