Parking Isuue of Mobile Home or Caravan on a Fixed Land?

A caravan or a mobile home is a structure designed to abode according to the human habitation and is capable of operating from one place to the other by either being towed or often by being transported on a trailer or motor vehicle.

In case you own a caravan or any kind of mobile home and wondering if it is necessary to own a fixed land to park your mobile home in Ireland, then you should read this article to get a better idea.

The laws pertaining to caravan or mobile homes in Ireland are quite uncompromising. In case you own property even then without proper permission from the authority, you cannot park your caravan or mobile home for that matter in your own property for a longer period of more than ten days at a stretch. 

In a general sense, a mobile home is used mostly for travelling purpose but if you wish to keep the vehicle at halt then a proper planning and proper authorization is required otherwise your vehicle can be seized.

It is mandatory that no kind of mobile home (or caravan) can be kept on a fixed land which is fifty meters away from any public road. In case you have a land, which is enclosed by a wall on all sides or has a bank or hedge or even any combination of both with a minimum height of 1.5 meters.  

Again, no caravan should be used for any kind of storage purpose or even for displaying, advertisements or selling of goods or any other reasons for any kind of business without permission from the authorized government.

In case you wish to halt your mobile home at your plot then again, no two caravans can be stocked in one place for a longer period. You should also avail caravan Insurance in order to ride the caravan around Ireland and can check the website for Caravan Insurance Ireland.

Also, the government has fixed a timeline to store the caravan at your plot. No caravan or mobile home can be put to halt for more than nine months at a stretch, you have to make sure it is in constant use.  Even then the amenities used to run the mobile home are necessary. You need to acquire previous approvals from the government like Mobile home Insurance.

Permanent services for waste treatment plants with power supply connection and continuous connection of water supply is also necessary to run the mobile home for a long tenure. One should also obtain such approvals from the respective authority before having the caravan halt for long at a particular place.

One should always check the websites of the relevant government bodies in order to get more detail about the lands and laws pertaining to caravan or mobile homes.

Still, it is always beneficial to have your own land and own proper approvals from the authority before owning a caravan or a mobile home in Ireland. Quite often it is witnessed that sometimes the neighbours only cause trouble. However, also check on the land and mobile home Insurance Ireland before you make a purchase.