Suicide or Survive, the Mental Health Recovery Charity.

Irish businessman Denis O’Brien has praised the work of mental health charity Suicide or Survive and has called for a greater focus and contribution to their area of work. “their focus on recovery and breaking down stigma.” The charity focuses on normalising mental health issues as a part of medicine and runs multiple recovery programmes. These include WRAP, the Wellness Recovery Action Plan, a tailored plan that works on a day-to-day basis for managing wellness, and the Eden Programme, which works to create a support group and safe space for those experiencing suicidal thoughts. The charity’s specific focus on recovery and continual wellness mark it out as different form more short-term solutions, and the combination of the two on a much wider scale would significantly boost mental health treatment and normalise recovery procedures.

The issue is that currently SOS relies mainly on private funding and their own fundraising efforts. It has said that the WRAP programme had largely been run on funds from the Iris O’Brien Foundation, and while the do receive funding from the National Office for Suicide Prevention, it is not enough to sustain them. O’Brien has said that “Increasing funding both for charities running these programmes and for government-run ones would help to cut the charges for taking part in these plans and would provide a much greater range of options rather than creating an over-reliance on one charity. Suicide and Survive have a unique focus that I feel should be much more widely adopted.”