The Seven Ultimate Fashion Trends To Expect and Maybe Wear in 2020

new york fashion trend

This year marks a whole new runway to the cult of the latest fashion wardrobes for men and women. While some of us would not call ourselves genius planners, we’d like to think we’re more capable when it comes to keeping our eyes open for what style is in and what is out.

So, what else is better than welcoming January with a splurge on what these designers have to offer? 

Whether you’re a fan of planning ahead for your wardrobe by month or just want to keep ahead on every trend, today’s article will give you some of the trendiest pieces to surface the streets throughout the fashionable year.

A Fresh Chapter for Blue Period

The Pantone’s colour of the year is going to rule several runways with its deep shade of classic blue. By considering this year’s symbolic tone, designers found out a better way to walk in blue fashion by preferring the paler hues called the “Baby Blue”. But don’t let the name put you off because, despite the lightness of BB, the tone is often associated with depth and stability as it represents the colour of the sky and sea. BB is a versatile hue that can go against any skin tones and hair colours. Plus, it easily matches with colours that vary from white, beige, and brown to navy blue and rust red, which means pairing won’t ever be a problem.

The Cuban Collar Shirt For Men

The Cuban collar shirts are the new streetwear clothing for men this spring and summer. Boys can play with bold prints or stick with plain, solid hues. If you want to earn extra coolness from these tops, wear them in bright shades of red, blue, yellow, and green. Matching up with different items shouldn’t be that hard because the distinctive collar and short sleeves are providing an easy way to jazz up your outfit and make a real statement.

Lots and lots of It Bags

So much swaying of ‘it bags’ is going on in September’s Fashion Week, giving everyone a heads-up on the different bags to watch out for this year. While many designers call it a fashion investment when people opt for longevity in craftmanship and high-quality designer bags, those of us with no pockets to buy can enjoy several stores and bazaar shops that cater the rise of cult accessories (including it bags) on a grand scale.

Rose Prints

The glamorous rose prints are making some noise again in this year’s spring collection of New York’s Fashion Week. Well, we couldn’t agree more about what Ana Colón of Glamour has pointed out when she said it wouldn’t be a glamorous spring trend collection without a floral reference on the show, which to many designers makes a lot of sense. 

The Rise of Low Heels

Lucky for those of us who continuously hustle and desire for comfort that this year is all about flats and low heels. Vogue’s editor-in-chief Anna Wintour named them flattery shoes as one of the biggest fashion trends of the year. While flattery shoes will be around, others predicted that this is also the year for shoes with transparent blocked heels, glitters, and other distinctive features.

Two-Strappy Slides

As for men, the two-strap slides are going to be the ultimate summer essential to keep in a gentle man’s outfit. Unlike other traditional sandals, two-strap sandals can provide double support and extra cool appearance as you walk down the street or don the sun at the beach.

The Bucket Hats

And we’re down to the last trendy item to collect this year. Here’s the bucket hat that everyone has been wearing since the previous year. Good news for those that are not yet hopping on the bandwagon, the bucket hats are still set to hit the shop next spring.