Tips to Lower down your Van Insurance Premium

If you have a van and a car, you will agree with the fact that van insurance is certainly more expensive than car insurance. This is because the van has a higher number of engines and also carries a lot of valuable cargo that includes tools. Several insurance companies in Ireland are competing to get your van insurance business. Therefore getting insurance is not at all difficult. But the van insurance premium is quite high. This is mainly because the government has increased the tax. Though it is expensive, however, with very small changes and a little bit of research, you will be able to lower down the van insurance premium. If you do it wisely, you will be able to save hundreds of pounds.

If you want to lower down your van insurance premium, you can follow the tips given below:

  • Wisely choose your van

If you own a small van, then your insurance premium will be much lesser. Therefore, if you already have a big van, try to downsize it. Get a van that has a smaller engine. This could help you to save a lot of money on insurance. If again, you get a second-hand van instead of a new one, that could also reduce the amount of your premium. In this case, however, you will have to take the running costs into account.

  • It is also essential for you to be security conscious

When getting insurance, security is the most important factor that is taken into consideration. If you keep your van in a secured place at night and have all the major security features like the immobilizer, alarm, tracker, steering wheel lock, etc. can certainly help in lowering down your premium.

  • It is recommended that you add the name of your driver to the insurance policy

It is very important to understand whose name you would be interested to include in the van insurance Ireland policy. If however, you add the name of a young driver who has a history of irresponsible driving, it can also increase the amount of your premium.

  • Comparing the van insurance premiums of the various companies

You can always opt for a comparison website. These comparison websites always make it simple for you to shop around for the right van insurance. There are different options available and you can narrow down your search to the needs that suit your requirements in terms of the named drivers, the security features, and also the number of vehicles you own. This way, you will be able to get the company that provides you with the lowest premium.

  • Do not opt for an auto-renew quote

Auto-renew quotes are very much expensive because they add an extra fee for this privilege. It will always be a better option to add the date of your renewal in your diary ad let your insurer know that you do not want your policy to get automatically renewed. Later, you can approach your insurance company with the lowest insurance quote that you have got and ask them to match the quote.

If you hire a broker, then he will be able to compare the premiums of the various companies and finally provide you with the best quote.

Indeed, all the tips mentioned above will help you to lower down your premium, but it is always good to start off being honest. Insurers provide you with the quotation based on what you tell them. But if you provide the wrong information, then the insurer will certainly cancel the policy and might also refuse your claim.