When and how to claim for Business insurance Ireland

If you are a business, chances are you have some sort of business insurance. If you own a property that you rent out to tenants, then you must have some sort of business landlord insurance.  Having business landlord insurance in Ireland can go a long way in safeguarding you against the damage to the property caused by tenants. It becomes important to keep in mind that there is a process that must be followed for claiming your business insurance. This process is usually specified in your policy. This makes it imperative for you to know and understand what your policy says and what it requires you to do in case there is a claim.

If your property is insured and there is damage that occurs, first and foremost you should check to see if the concerned damage is covered under the policy. If it is not, then you do not have a claim to the insurance. If it is covered, you should let your insurance provider know as soon as possible. Next, based on the type of damage that has occurred you are required to take any reasonable measures that may be taken in the given situation to prevent further damage to the property. This becomes important to reduce more damage from happening. For instance, if there has been a fire, and measures can be taken to contain the fire to one part of the property and prevent it from spreading, then such measures must be taken. If any permanent repairs are required as a result of the accident or if you need to get rid of any object, this must be done after speaking with and consulting your insurance provider. Doing so without consulting them might cause the policy to not cover your claim. Make sure that you retain all the materials that may need to be inspected by the insurance company.

In case of an accident that happens at your place of work, and if it is insured, then you shall be covered. If there is an accident, you must remember to not admit a mistake immediately. Get in touch with your insurance provider and intimate them of what has happened. Do check and find out if anyone is injured. Call for help if there is an injury. Remember to get the details of the people who have been affected or those who are relevant, such as their number, their address and so on. See if you can get details of the witnesses also. Try and prepare a list of all the damage that has happened, all the injury that has been sustained. This information is useful. Document the scene of the accident as well as possible. Consider clicking photographs of the scene as well.

Doing the above can help you claim your business insurance in a smoother manner. Your policy will be the best guide of how to go about this. The above are general instructions to bear in mind when claiming for business insurance in Ireland.