4 Useful Packaging Tips to Make your Soaps Stand Out on Store Shelves

Custom soap packaging is one of the most effective ways to market your products in retail stores. An intriguing design has the power to grab customers’ attention, which in turn increases sales. On the flip side, poor custom soap boxes turn away your customers and leave a negative impression on buyers. A winning soap box design can help reinforce your brand identity and make your customers fell in love with your product even before they test it out.

soap packaging boxes

Here are some useful packaging design tips that’ll make your soaps stand above the rest in the retail environment.

Pick the Right Box

Start with choosing the right box. Why? Your packaging is the first thing customers get to see when it arrives at their doorstep. That’s why it’s quintessential your packaging should reflect who you are, besides keeping the product secure during transportation.

Logo placement is also critical, so make an effort to use all sides of the box. Because one never knows how their custom soap box will be stacked. Retailers could stack it sideways, so printing your brand name and or logo on all sides will ensure it captures the eye. However, sides aren’t only used to showcase brand name and logo, they can also be used to specify social media URLs, website, location, and more.

Dust flaps on each side of the lid also give you a great opportunity to infuse some style. Fill them with your brand patterns or color scheme. In fact, using colors inside the packaging can add more interest and improve the customer experience.

But it’s vital to maintain this delicate balance. Bombarding your customers with too much information or color can prove detrimental. That said, you certainly don’t want to leave an empty space on the packaging.

Make a Great Logo

A logo is perhaps one of the most important elements that distinguish your brand from the competition. Of course, you have to put in a lot of effort to design a logo so it can shine on your custom printed soap boxes and other marketing material. But out of different options, choose the one that gets your brand logo front and center on your packaging.

At this point, you have to figure out which scale will best represent your logo. For example, if you are leveraging a printed box, you can either opt for a continuous design or a wrapped logo. Or you can simply use a full-bleed logo, which spans from the front to the rear.

Even if you are running on a shoestring budget, you can get your logo on the box without having it printed on the packaging. Large stamps and stickers are a cost-effective way to promote your brand logo.

Make the Packaging Practical

Excellent packaging design isn’t just about the visuals. Making it practical is also vital. For example, keep fulfillment issues in mind when designing your soap packaging. See if it’s taking your workers an exorbitant time to package and ship your products? If so, then it’s time to review your soap boxes because at the end of the day time is money.

You should also ensure your packaging should keep the contents of the box safe because if your customers receive your soaps in broken pieces, it will leave a poor impression. More importantly, that’s the last thing your customers will remember. After all, money matters.

A successful business would always prefer to stay in the budget rather than bearing additional costs like customer returns. So, hire a professional packaging company like The Legacy Printing that specializes in delivering appealing, practical and inexpensive custom soap box packaging.

Get Inside the Box

To elevate customer experience, your design should not end with the exterior of the structure. Get inside the box by printing the branding design elements, which you have already used on the outside. The best option would be to replicate the patterning you have used on the exterior.

This will allow you to keep your costs low. However, if you want to take it to the next level without exceeding your budget adding a delicate paper in brand colors or a simple handwritten thank-you note can have a positive impact.

Concluding Thoughts

Creating a winning packaging design is a daunting task. But since the packaging is an essential part of your product and marketing strategy, it should be given high priority.

Obviously, your brand isn’t solely dependent on the packaging. There are countless other factors that can affect your performance and growth. However, the best step would be to design your soap packages according to the latest trends and practices.

The right packaging solution will aid you to grow your business by creating awareness and luring the target audience. So get out there and create compelling boxes that’ll drive engagement and sales.