Abeer Salama; Symbol of Motivation & Hope for Saudi Women

Miss Abeer Salama incarnates navigation between Saudi women for gaining knowledge, understanding, skills, and lead toward victory.

Hope for Saudi Women

In her initial twenties, Abeer has an immense preference to learn about fields like management, business, marketing, administration, computer, and engineering. Her initial learning of elementary and secondary school was completed in Darul Hana, Jeddah, and obtained her degree in business management in 1983. As she opined, “My immense wish to become an engineer was not fulfilled as nobody in my family supported this idea. Under all circumstances, I decided to do business management.”

In 1976, she started her own business and triumphantly widened it to five distinct areas. With the passage of time, her passion led her to bundles of success that now she runs a building and trading company, electronic bakery, two sections of Nationwide Institute of Management and computer technology and the Saudi Educational and Technological Service.

As Abeer begin to establish a construction business, she started to learn the foundations of the construction to take over the interlude in her best way. She learned many things from the engineers, whom she hired to supervise this division of her business, like how to study and analyze a map and how one can differentiate between standard and average work.

As concerned with electronic bakery, she noticed that there was good merchandise for bread, flour, and bakery items, so she decided, to obtain a loan from a financial agency to open a bakery in the industrial estate of Jeddah. This electronic bakery went on tributary and producing 12,000 loaves daily in no time.

Abeer opened the Nation Wide Institute of Management and Computer Technology for men in 1982. And at that time, women ask her that being a woman you should think about yourself first. Then, with the admission of 40 candidates, the women section started. Their number has enhanced to 200 within six months. In that institute, the courses are open for all women have to belong to any nationality and have an option to choose the immense diversification of courses like the English language, Computer, programming in Arabic and English, typing, shorthand, etc.

Abeer claimed that the percentage of Saudi women in computer programming course is 50% and that was in the English language touched 80%.

The expropriation of computers in almost all domains of life has taken Abeer by surprise. She is earning a special course on it. She observed and thinks that “Abeer aims to do masters in computer programming so that she would be entitled to teach the women student in the future.”

Abeer is highlighting the computer learning and knowledge of Saudi women and aspires to form a team of mentors who could be able to take the dare of expanding this literacy rate.

Abeer had to face so many problems in establishing her business. When asked that being a woman, how she handled all those issues. She replied, “There are o many problems, but would not recognize any of them. As you see, I tend to overlook a problem once it is solved.” Moreover, she said, whenever, she out looked officials for some work, they were surprised at once, but then they call to state. Once they confirmed they become so polite, humble, and well behaved and try to help me out in an easy way.

As per my family, my mother never agreed to start my trading or business with my own name but later own she consented. My father started encouraging me when he found that I am doing well.

When she asked to continue her business after marriage, she replied, of course, and hopefully, my husband will be cooperative. She has intentions that after marriage she will spend more time on house chores and the remaining time would be given to the business.

She proudly said, I am happy to follow Islamic rules and they are within me. She pleads to women to give their contributions to strengthen the institutions.