Add Flower Games to your Next Special Celebration

Have you ever imagined about how you are going to add flowers to your next celebration? Yes, some of you must have surely imagined it and also added to your special occasions. Some people must be thinking of decorating the walls and entrances with flowers, and some must be planning to gift flowers to their loved ones. You must be searching for the best online flower delivery in Mumbai that can help you get the most beautiful flowers for your occasion. But there is a lot more you can do with these flowers. Be it a house party, weddings, school functions, or someone’s birthday party; flowers can be a very interesting part of your celebration. 

I hope you must have guessed what I am talking about. You may use these flowers for organizing games for your event. Yes, these flowers can be used for adding some fun games at your party. This will help you make your party unique, fun, and yes, of course, the memorable one. So, in this article, we will be introducing you to some of the most interesting flower games which you can add to your special celebration.

Flower Rangoli Competition

This is the joyful flower game for your school function. The students love doing such things and will surely take part in such competitions. For this rangoli competition, you can get loads of colorful flowers from the market and shred their petals. Keep all the different colored petals in separate bowls. On the day of the competition, you can hand over the bowl of colored petals to each team. This is it and you are good to go for the competition.

Poetry Recitation Competition 

Other than this, you can also organize poetry or singing competitions for the students. Ask them to write poems on flowers or sing a song. You can help them out by giving them ideas for the performance. 

Flower Tambola

This is a very good idea for all the women and they can add it to their kitty parties. Flower tambola is a very interesting game, as it is the same as that of the normal tambola which we play. You only have to replace the number with the name of the flowers. List around 40-50 flower names and get them printed in the tombola sheet. Then take it’s print out and distribute it amongst the participants on the party day. You can order flowers online for this game.

Find the ring

This is a very traditional game which is played in almost every house during weddings. Couples can play this game on any occasion and especially on Karwa Chauth. In this game, an open vessel is filled with some milk and water. Then add rose petals, coins and one ring for the couple into the vessel. Next, ask the couple to dip their hand in the vessel and search for the ring. The one who finds it first will become the winner.

Flower Chain

All players are expected to stand in a line. Give the first player a flower garland. Let the music begin, and everyone’s going to start passing the garland. Once the music stops, the player with the garland is Out of the game. The game continues until there is only one player left.

Make a flower garden

Take a thermocol sheet, a set of different flowers, and toothpicks for making the flower garden. The participants have to use one toothpick for making one flower in one minute. 

Propose your Partner

This is going to be an ultimate surprise and the best flower game which your dear one will love. Make the proposal surprising for her/him by sending small knick-knacks to her through her family members. Other than this, you can also choose a florist in Hyderabad for delivering a bouquet of roses at the receiver’s doorstep. Your partner is going to love this surprise of yours.

Musical flowers

This game is very similar to musical chairs. You need to make large cutouts of flowers using chart papers. Use these cutouts instead of the chair and play it in the same way as the musical chair.

These are some super exciting ways in which you can add flowers to your events or celebrations. I am sure flowers will add a lot of happiness to all your events.