Get these 4 powerful progress tracking tools to your goals quicker

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Whether you plan your career or take a project from beginning to end, you can accomplish your goals more easily if you keep track of progress.

Biologically, humans are hardwired to perform the final tasks. Progress tracking demonstrates what you have achieved so far, which triggers your reward centre and motivates you to continue. It gives you a precise picture of where you are so you can go about it. Even with teams, this increases concentration and morale, so that in most companies and institutions it is already a widely practiced activity.

The Visual Feedback and its ability

Why, however, do you monitor progress, and is it even important?

Equally effective are not all methods. For most people, it is a matter of creating lists or tablets for tasks. But you’re also noticing that you have ever tried to make to – do lists that they can be really complicated quickly, and you may not remember certain things because more activities and responsibilities come in quickly. You won’t even want to look at them when they’re too long!

The main thing, according to the Harvard Business Review, is to send some photos. From calendars to apps that show colorful charts, it’s more fun to look at visual feedback than condensing information, and not just text alone. A classic example is fitness clubs and gyms, where large mirrors on the walls can be seen to make the right movements.

You can also see what is happening and what needs to be improved by using professional visual feedback. It’s simple and comfortable, and you always see important metrics.

Visualizing process and its tools

Here are four popular ways to monitor the progress and results of your project:

  1. Use Calendars

Calendar improvement is highly intuitive and automatically controlled. While it provides plenty of flexibility to adjust to your requirements, people usually write down activities, tasks and materials under the correct deadline or date. Information can also be shown, such as specific team members. For walls, you can even print some stickers for highly pressing activities, such as simple red circles or icons for each type of activity. The benefits of these calendars are broad and easy to see. Alternately, you also have the option to give you updates online tools such as Google Calendar to remind you of deadlines.

  1. Gantt Charts

A Gantt diagram is essentially a time line arranged into a bar diagram. This indicates which tasks, including start and end times, are to be carried out and who is responsible for each task. Linear scheduling can be confusing because tasks tend to overlap one after another and don’t necessarily do it, but Gantt charts solve that problem by even showing the dependencies between tasks. Activity A is always performed only when Activity B is finished and you can see all these activity patterns in the Gantt map immediately. The same approach is to draw or use colored tiles, but also different apps like Liquid Planner, Team Gantt and Bitrix24 can be used.

  1. Task Boards

You have probably already experienced a change of this. The task board is one of the most widely used methods there and is largely based on the Kanban system, originally designed to improve the efficiency of production. The cards are displayed in each task and placed in columns according to the state or phase in which they are. You move this column to another column as you progress through the process. Cards can be distinguished further by visual signals such as stickers and color coding. Sticky notes are often made up of whiteboards while Trello, MeisterTask, LeanKit and other online apps are available on the digital side.

  1. Bullet Journals

Consider of the newsletter as an entire system in a journal for organizing, planning and monitoring. A newspaper is ideal for people who want to be more productive and relies more on paper rather than too many applications. The standard sections are a daily and monthly index of pages and long-term objectives. Signals such as X for finished works orĀ  works moved to the next day promote conciseness, but imagination and personal expression are also sufficient because both the structure and the design are up to you.

Such structures are a pattern in many and are even an important element in their working lives as they show support in psychology for visualizing and recording positive experiences. We can’t decide the right one because what works for you or your team depends on what. You can also find another good way to build a team feel that provides custom T-shirts to your colleagues and co-workers. In any case, all these solutions are easy, safe and inexpensive to use, so that every day you can get going and get closer to your goals.