Guide To Write For Your First Ever Wikipedia Page

write Wikipedia Page


Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia and unarguably one of the most visited websites on this planet. It comprises of information relating to all sorts of topics and subjects that a human mind can possibly think of. Wikipedia has made itself known as a platform that has the largest collection of information which, while some may say is not reliable, is the most trusted and reliable source of information present online in this digital era that we live in today. 

Reasons to create a Wikipedia page:

Wikipedia has been observed to be rising in demand over the past decade or more. Business organizations all over the world and various entrepreneurs are observed to be very keen to be visible on this ever so used platform. There are many reasons why so many Wikipedia pages are being created on an everyday basis. 

Wikipedia has been used as a source of information since it was created and that is what it was initially intended to do but there are other uses that have been emerging in the market that people have been using Wikipedia pages for. Other than the obvious use Wikipedia is now also being used as one of the most influential tools used for content based marketing by many business organizations and individuals all across the globe. The fact that Wikipedia is one of the most trusted and reliable sources of information helps business organizations and individual entrepreneurs to create and increase their and their business’s credibility and goodwill in their respective industries. Other than influencing the credibility factor having being visible on Wikipedia makes a business organization more visible as the web traffic that Wikipedia has is one of the highest in the world. In fact Wikipedia is one of those websites that is listed amongst the top ten most trafficked websites. Having so many people visiting Wikipedia makes Wikipedia the perfect platform for business organizations and sole proprietors to use this platform as an opportunity to engage their target audience and create a positive image about their business, brand, products or services they manufacture or provide.

Being present on Wikipedia depends on many factors such as notability, the adherence to the guidelines and policies of the platform, the tone of the writers and many other things. Let’s say you are about to create your first ever Wikipedia page and you are trying to learn how to create a Wikipedia page for an actor, What you need is to follow the steps mentioned below which are very easy to understand and follow. Keep in mind these steps can be used to create a Wikipedia page for absolutely anything at all and it is not particularly for creating Wikipedia pages for an actor.

Step # 1:

The first step would simply be to create and account for yourself on Wikipedia and register yourself. I recommend that you use your real name and identity and not go for having an anonymous name. This way you will be able to build a reputation for yourself with the number of articles or pages you create and get approved to be an official part of Wikipedia.

Step # 2:

After you have created an account and gotten yourself registered with Wikipedia you need to select the right topic to write on. In this case it would be some actor that you want to write about. By choosing the right or appropriate topic I mean here that whatever you are choosing to write an article on or create a page about should be notable enough to meet the notability criteria of Wikipedia. 

Wikipedia takes notability very seriously and most of the pages that don’t make it and get deleted after getting disapproved by the screeners are usually because of the fact that they don’t meet the notability criteria and standards of the platform.

Step # 3:

In this step here you need to make efforts to gather everything about your chosen topic. You need to make In-depth and detailed research and get to know everything about the topic, inside out. Your research should make it possible for you to provide reliable information which is based on facts and which is backed by authentic references and sources.

Step # 4:

Create the content of your page or article by making sure that you are writing according to the policies and guidelines of the platform. By adhering to the policies of this platform you ensure the approval of your page or article. Another thing you need to make sure while you are creating content for your Wikipedia page is that the facts and information that is presented should not be inclining to anyone’s opinion, not even your own. The tone should be kept strictly neutral.

Step # 5:

The last step requires you to submit your page or article for the screening and review process. It is strongly advised to check for any errors and mistakes before you submit your work to increase the chances of your page’s approval.